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Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

Submit details about your book using the tool below. You’ll pay just $3.99 plus tax and will receive a quick follow-up email with more details on what to expect.

Within 24-48 hours, we’ll get back to you with an auction estimate for your book based upon the details you provided.

Research on your book is performed by an actual human being referencing historic auction record databases.

What's an auction estimate?
An auction estimate are based on the edition and condition of a book and auction sales records of comparable books.
Is this an insurance appraisal?

No; insurance appraisals are formal written appraisals obtained so that if your valuable is stolen or destroyed, you can replace it as closely as possible.

Do I have to pay for a consignment evaluation?

If you’re interested in consigning a high quality item with us that would be suitable for the auction environment, we offer complimentary auction evaluations to help you make your decision. Click here to submit a book for consignment review.

The paid service discussed on this page is intended for those who are interested in just learning the value of a book they own, or those who might want to sell a book themselves and need guidance on value, especially for higher-end books.

Do I have to supply photos of my book?

Yes, we require photos of your book so that we can determine its condition and edition.

How many photos do I need to supply?

It is helpful for our researchers to see the book’s binding, dust jacket (if applicable) and especially the title or copyright page.

What if I have many items I want to value?

You’re welcome to revisit this page to submit another book for evaluation (priced at $3.99 per book), or, you might find WorthPoint useful to research the prices and history of your antiques and collectibles yourself.

Try a 7-day free trial from WorthPoint, the largest resource for researching and valuing antique and vintage books and collectibles.

Following your trial, you can choose to upgrade to a month-to-month subscription or join for a whole year.

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Submit details about any type of book using the form below and upon pressing the ‘Get the Value’ button, you’ll be charged $3.99 plus tax. Expect a custom auction estimate of value in your inbox within 48 hours.