Rare Books, Antiques & Collectibles

What We Auction & Consign

Antique Books

Leatherbound or otherwise, dating from 16th Century to 19th Century

Finely Bound Books

Finely bound single volumes or sets including Cosway style and jeweled bindings


Antique magazines, pamphlets, correspondence, advertising

First Editions

Antique or modern first editions

Antique Bibles

Pre-1800 clasped Bibles, Geneva Bibles or early religious and theological works

Antique Photos

Old photographs including cabinet cards, CDVs, tintypes and daguerreotypes

Vintage Postcards

RPPCs (real photo postcards) and vintage Halloween postcards

Magic Books

Rare books on card mechanics and sleight of hand

Vintage Hollywood

Photos and classic movie ephemera from the early days of Hollywood

Entire Collections

Certain full sets, antique book collections or entire libraries

Small Antiques

Small antique objects including marbles, pocketwatches, etc.

We do not buy, sell or consign the following:

While there are always exceptions to these general guidelines, we typically are not interested in consigning books such as:


Used Books

20th century books commonly found in second hand shops, thrift stores or used book stores


Text Books

School books, medical books, instruction manuals



Encyclopedia sets or individual volumes



Dictionaries, language translations, thesaurai


Modern Bibles

20th century Bibles or modern family Bibles


Children's Books

20th century books for kids such as Dr. Seuss, Dick and Jane, etc.


Paperback Books

20th century paperback books or novels, including romance, Western or sci-fi