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Value of Real Photo Postcards

Vintage RPPC Postcards

Some of the most desirable vintage postcards are RPPCs, or real-photo postcards. RPPC postcards became common at the turn of the 20th century and refer to photographs developed directly onto photo paper with a printed postcard backing.

RPPCs feature a wide range of subjects, from street views to transportation imagery or photos documenting historical or political moments.

Wondering how to tell a real photo postcard? In the simplest of terms, an RPPC can be identified if the photograph has a postcard backing on the reverse side. Many times, if the postcard has been posted, a postal stamp will be visible which allows you to date it. 

We are primarily interested in buying pre-1930’s real photo postcards.


Sell Vintage Halloween Postcard

Vintage Halloween Postcards

The golden age of Halloween postcards was around 1908-1930 and featured colorful artwork of spooky witches, ghosts, black cats, goblins, pumpkins.

Anthropomorphic figures (meaning, non-human creatures or characters who are depicted as having human-like features) are often the subjects in these Halloween postcards. Characters such as Jack-O-Lanterns with arms and legs, moons with laughing faces and dancing devils are often highlighted in the artwork. 

Some of the most famous and collectible postcard publishers who produced Halloween cards include Raphael Tuck & Son, Winch by Samuel Schmucker, Ellen Clapsaddle, Stecher, Gibson Art, and Valentine & Son.

Please note, we are only interested in buying original, vintage Halloween postcards – no reproductions.

We buy vintage postcards!

Where to Sell Vintage Postcard Collection
We buy vintage postcards of several varieties. RPPCs, or real photo postcards, are especially of interest. Vintage postcards that have value are typically small-town street scenes, disasters, railroad depots and the like. If people are the subjects of the old postcards, we’d be interested in buying risque postcards or historical notables including military, political or sports figures dating from the 1930’s and earlier.

Please note that very seldom do RPPCs of ordinary people have any value, so if you’re interested in selling vintage RPPCs of people of no significant social or historical value, please understand that in most cases we will not be interested.

Most Wanted Vintage Postcard Subjects

  • Black Americana
  • War / Military
  • Chinese / Japanese military
  • Xinhai Revolution
  • Mexican Revolution / street scenes
  • Risque
  • Lynching / Executions
  • Magic / Conjuring
  • Anthropomorphic Characters
  • Strongmen / musclemen
  • Circus / Side Show Freaks
  • Fairgrounds / Amusement Parks
  • Sports / Baseball
  • Holidays
  • Halloween
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Ships / Ocean Liners
  • Titanicana
  • Whaling / Fishing
  • Logging
  • Railroad / Trains / Train Depots
  • Transportation
  • Natural Disasters
  • American Roadside Photography
  • Hotels, gas stations, diners
  • Early street views
  • Cowboy / Western towns
  • Store fronts
  • Casinos
  • Tattooing / tattoo parlors
  • Hotels
  • Advertising
  • Weird and bizarre

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