We buy, sell and consign magic books, gambling books and ephemera

We have a special interest in rare and OOP books on all aspects of magic and gambling; our competitive auction consignment rates help you get the most for your collection.


Use our free evaluator tool to determine if your out-of-print magic or gambling books would make a good fit for purchase or consignment!

We Buy, Consign & Sell Magic Books, Gambling Books and Ephemera

Do you have out of print, rare or antique magic books that you would like to sell or consign? We sell magic books with a particular interest in gambling themed literature, crooked gambling, card cheating and gambling exposé with playing cards.

We will help you achieve the best possible price for your magic and gambling related books and ephemera. We offer a full eBay auction consignment service specifically designed for these types of books.

Authors or magicians of interest include Karl Fulves, Ed Marlo, Dai Vernon, Gene Maze, Steve Forte, Herb Zarrow, Richard Turner, Martin Nash, Rick Jay, Erdnase, Jean Hugard, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, René Lavand, Larry Jennings, Theodore Annemann, John Scarne, Johnny Thompson, Jack Carpenter, Ernest Earick and Darwin Ortiz. 

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How Consignment Works

eBay auction consignment for individual items or full collections is often an ideal choice for people just like you, looking to sell your antiques easily and at fair market prices.


Use our free evaluator tool to show us your item(s); if they’re a good fit for consignment, we’ll get you started!


We do everything to present your item at its very best to worldwide bidders


Following the auction, you receive 70% of the final sale price