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Antiquarian Book Consignment

Fine antiquarian books are our specialty along with modern First Editions, fine bindings and rare books. We offer competitive consignment rates to help you sell your antique books at auction.

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Antique Book Libraries / Collections

Our auction consignment service is especially helpful for bibliophiles interested in consolidating or liquidating antique book collections.

If you are not an antiquarian book collector, please note that antiquarian books ARE NOT old or used books. 90% of older, vintage or used books are not of any value or collectability, so please only contact us if you feel you have a book of special note or value.

Sell antique books

Individual Antique Books

Sell and consign fine antiquarian books (pre 19th century) with a special interest in illustrated works, important historical works, and natural history.

Sell first edition book

Modern First Editions

A first edition book should be an important copy of a well-noted author in good to very good condition with matching dust jacket (where applicable).

Sell antique Bible

Antique Bibles

We consign rare antique Bibles with a preference for Bibles dated 1800 or earlier.

We do not buy or consign ANY Bible that is dated after 1880; a majority of older Bibles have next to no value. You may find this article on evaluating antique Bibles helpful.

Sell finely bound antique books

Fine Bindings

Sell finely bound books including full leather, Cosway style, embroidered, clasped volumes, Easton Press and the like.

How Consignment Works

Auction consignment is the ideal choice for those looking to consolidate or liquidate collections of fine antique books.


Use our submission tool to provide the details needed to start the consignment process


Our team goes to work to best represent your rare book to worldwide bidders


Following the auction, you receive 70% of the final sale price


Use our submission tool to determine if your fine antiquarian book or library might be a good fit for consignment.