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We’re primarily interested in purchasing rare books published before the 20th century.

Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for you to sell your rare books or antiquarian book by cutting out the middleman. Often, sending books to an auction house can be a lengthy and costly process for you; we simplify this by buying antique books directly from you!

As rare book buyers, once we receive your submission we’ll review the information provided and will contact you by email with further details about how to sell your rare books! As rare book buyers, Regency Antique Books is fair and of course knowledgeable. Ask Christopher today!

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Sell Your Private Book Collection or Library

Sometimes you find yourself with an entire collection of books that no longer suits your lifestyle. Maybe it’s a collection you inherited from a relative whose taste doesn’t match your own.

If you have a large collection of rare or antique books, or a large group of old books you are interested in selling, please email us a list of your antique or rare books and we will get back in contact with you to discuss the pieces in greater detail to save you time.

Read more about how to sell old books online – condition, rarity and collectibility are all factors.