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Modern First Editions

We focus on online auctions for rare and sought after first edition books with an interest in 20th century authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, J.D. Salinger, Harper Lee, Stephen King and others.

Sell Collections of First Edition Books

Sell Collections of First Editions

Our auctions are ideal for larger collections of first editions, too.

We regularly handle the sale of first edition collections and can even provide a dedicated auction just for your collection, depending upon the quantity of books. Inquire to see how we can help.

Please bear in mind that acceptable first editions would be those determined to be collectible, desirable and rare, as well as being categorized in generally very good to fine condition.

If you’re local to the Phoenix, Arizona area, we can also arrange for a free pickup of your books.

Quick Tips on First Editions

Guide to Selling First Edition Books


What makes a first edition book rare?

In a nutshell: Supply, demand, and condition.

Keep in mind that a book can be very rare and not be valuable in the least. 

Some basic factors that can affect the desirability of a first edition:

  • First edition, first printing
  • Original dust jacket
  • Noted or influential author
  • Signed by the author
  • Published in a limited edition
  • Owned by someone famous
  • Very fine condition

Does scarcity determine value?

Scarcity doesn’t always equate to desirability – this is an important distinction.

Just because a book is scarce, doesn’t automatically mean it is valuable. If there is demand for that book, and it is scarce – then the value becomes higher.


Are all first edition books valuable?

This is actually a simple question to answer: No.

In general, most first edition books have very little value. If you do have a first edition that appears to have value it is also important to find out if it is a first printing. We would be happy to help you find out.

Also worth taking into consideration is a potentially valuable first edition book but without its dust jacket.

Did you know that an original dust jacket can sometimes equate to over 70% of the value of a first edition book?



How to value first edition books?

When researching the value of a first edition book online, it’s important to take the prices available on bookselling websites (like AbeBooks, Biblio, Amazon, etc.) with a grain of salt.

The prices listed online are (almost) always the seller’s asking price, which can range from on-point to ridiculous.

Researching historical auction records is one of the best ways to discover the auction value of your first edition book.

It’s also critical to compare your book to a sold book that is in the same condition as your copy, as condition plays a major role in value.


How important is condition?

The physical condition of a first edition book is a major factor in its value. The most desirable copy of a book is typically that which is as close as possible to its original condition upon publication.


Why sell first edition books at auction?

Selling a first edition book at auction exposes your item to bidders worldwide with a specific interest in first edition books.

An auction house will also be able to market a collectible book to appropriate buyers to help achieve a fitting price on the open market. We aggressively market to our extensive collector database plus expand the reach to 90,000+ specific bidders worldwide.


Need help selling your first edition or collection?

If you happen to have a collection of first edition books there’s no harm in doing some research yourself if you follow the tips we have provided.

Just remember that at the end of the day, like any specialized subject, it takes years of experience to really be able to evaluate a first edition book.

If you’re interested in consignment, we offer free auction evaluations to help you make an educated decision on what next steps to take regarding your first edition book or collection.

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