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eBay Consignment: We Make the Sale. You Make the Money.

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What is eBay consignment, anyway? If you’re looking to sell an antique book, a whole collection or another antique item, consignment may be ideal.

Consignment means that we will sell your items at eBay auction on your behalf. After the sale, we are paid a small percentage of the final sale price and you are paid the balance.

Get 65% of the auction sale!

We offer very competitive rates, allowing you to pocket 65% of the eBay auction sale price.

We take care of all the auction fees and shipping, and include professional photography, professionally designed auction listings and a well-researched and detailed description for every item.

Why should I consign?

Our priority is to present your items to bidders worldwide with the same care and attention to detail that we do our own. A high-quality auction listing ensures that your item will be seen at its best, and gives your item the opportunity to achieve a desirable price in the current market.

What are your fees?
As a small, family-run business, we’re able to keep lower overheads than large auction houses. Our fees are straightforward and competitive. We charge a flat commission rate of 35% plus a $2 eBay listing fee* per item.

*The $2 eBay listing fee is waived for consignments of 10 or more items.

How do you handle a library or collection?
Our typical consignment agreements deal with a single item, or a small group of items such as books, ephemera or photographs.

For libraries or collections that are considerably larger (300+ items), we recommend tackling the consignment project in portions. In this way, you’re able to hold the balance of your collection while we process the group in smaller lots, working our way through the entirety of the collection.

How does an eBay auction work?
In an online auction, the bidding opens at a price the seller specifies and remains on eBay for a certain number of days (typically 7-10). Buyers then place bids on the item. When the listing ends, the buyer with the highest bid wins.

Once the winning bidder has submitted payment, the item will be packaged and shipped to the winning bidder.

What's the starting price?
We recommend starting most auctions at the opening bid of $9.99 and allowing them to run for a full 7-10 days. In our experience, we have found that this low starting price encourages bidding activity, whereas high starting prices tend to discourage bidder interest.

This is our recommendation based upon 10 years of experience at auction, and we’ve found that its the best way to both entice bidders and to achieve a fair auction value.

What's a reserve price?
A reserve price is an optional add-on to your auction listing and is the minimum amount you are willing to sell for. In other words, if the reserve price isn’t met at auction, the item won’t be sold. This means that even if someone is the highest bidder at the end of the auction, they won’t win the item unless they have met your reserve price.

We do not recommend using auction reserves; reserves tend to discourage bidders and many items pass at auction without bids when placed under reserve.

When do I get payment for my item(s)?
Once the winning bidder has received the item(s) and is satisfied, we’ll send your payment to you via check or PayPal (your choice).

Large auction houses typically take 30 days or more to send your portion of the profit; we strive to send payment as quickly as 14 days following a successful auction transaction. A successful auction transaction would be one in which the item has been received by the winning bidder to their satisfaction and the sale is fully finalized.

Consigned Items Should Be

Antique, rare, or otherwise desirable

Estimated to have a retail value of $100 or more

In good (or better) condition


What’s included in the fee?

Our consignment fee is a flat 35% of the final hammer price, plus a $2 eBay listing fee* per item.

This fee includes the following services:


High-quality photography + editing


Professional grade auction listing**


24-hour customer assistance for bidders


Packaging and shipment of all items sold**

*The $2 eBay listing fee is waived for consignments of 10 items or more.

**These services that are typically charged at an additional fee with large auction houses.

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