As with all items in the world of antiques, the condition of an old or antique book greatly determines how valuable it is.

When antique book collectors choose new pieces for their libraries, condition plays a big part. In general terms, the desirability of an antique book greatly depreciates if it is in poor condition. There are, however, exceptions to that rule of thumb. Sometimes we come across books that aren’t in the greatest condition, but because there are just a few copies in existence worldwide, a collector might still be willing to pay a big premium for that book because of its rarity.

How to evaluate the condition of a book

If you would like to sell old books using our easy submission form here, or try your hand at selling the books yourself, just remember that the book’s condition will always be an important part of the appraisal process.

Start by looking over the book itself – some key points to check for are:

  1. Is the binding holding well, is it tight and firm, or are pages coming away from the spine?
  2. Are all the book’s pages intact and well adhered to the rest of the book?
  3. Is the book complete, or is it missing any pages?
  4. Is the book tattered, stained, or ripped in any way?

If you have a book with a dust jacket, be sure to inspect the dust jacket to make sure that there are no tears or creasing.

Whether you decide to sell old books online or to a secondhand bookstore, these are some of the major issues to look out for which will help determine the item’s worth.

Our goal is to help you determine the value of your antique books so that you can sell them for a fair price. In doing so, you’ll be able to pass on that old book that’s been collecting dust to someone else who will cherish it.

We sell old books to collectors all over the globe and always love connecting book lovers to pieces they’ll really enjoy.


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