Sell antique photos, cabinet cards, CDVs, tintypes or daguerreotypes

We buy and consign antique photographs with a special focus on images from the 1850’s through the early 20th century.


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Where to sell vintage cabinet cards

Cabinet Cards

The cabinet card – essentially a photograph mounted on a card, suitable for display in 19th century cabinets, became popular for studio portraits after 1870. Cabinet cards typically measure ​4.25″ x 6.5″ and are generally pictures of ordinary people.

We are interested in purchasing cabinet cards featuring portraits of people of interest or some significance.

We do not buy run-of-the-mill family portraits of people who do not have historical, military or entertainment status.

Where to sell daguerreotypes

Tintypes / Daguerreotypes

The daguerreotype typically dates from 1839-1860 and was the first photographic process in history that was widely used by the public.

We are interested in purchasing images dating to the Civil War, including portraits of Union and Confederate soldiers in uniform.


How to sell CDV photos

Cartes de Visite (CDV)

Abbreviated CDV, was a type of small photograph popular in the mid 19th century, usually measuring around 2.375″ x 4.25″ and mounted on a card.

We are interested in purchasing CDVs picturing historical figures or unusual portraiture.

Where to sell antique photo albums

Photos and Photo Albums

We buy original photos of historical or noteworthy value, including vintage photo albums filled with such images.

Topics of interest include military, ocean liners / ships, early sports and teams, historical places, famous people or events.


How Consignment Works

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