Past Auction Highlight

Each month, we’ll be featuring an interesting antique item which appeared in one of our past auctions. This item has been sold.

This edition of the Strand Magazine, dated January – June, 1893 is special in that it contains the following six installments of “Sherlock Holmes” short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:

  • The Adventures of the Cardboard Box
  • Yellow Face
  • Stockbrokers Clark
  • Gloria Scott
  • Musgrave Ritual
  • Reigate Square

Before ever being published in book form, Doyle’s legendary “Sherlock Holmes” series was first printed in The Strand Magazine with illustrations by Sidney Paget.

A monthly magazine in Britain, The Strand was composed of short fiction and general interest articles. Its original publication ran from January 1891 to March 1950, comprising 711 issues, many of which are highly collectible today.