Past Auction Highlight

Each month, we’ll be featuring an interesting antique item which appeared in one of our past auctions. This item has been sold.

This edition of “Endless Amusement” dates to 1828 and features a collection of nearly 400 entertaining experiments in various branches of science, magic and fireworks.

A 5th edition copy, it still contains the important pull-out illustration which is often missing from editions of this book. As the title page explains, the book features “nearly 400 entertaining experiments in various branches of science, including acoustics, arithmetic, chemistry, electricity, hydraulics, hydrostatics, magnetism, mechanics, optics, wonders of the air pump, all the popular tricks and changes of the cards, etc. to which is added, A complete system of pyrotechny, or, The art of making fireworks: the whole so clearly explained, as to be within the reach of the most limited capacity”. Pretty cool stuff!

  • Wonders of air pumps
  • All the popular tricks and changes of cards (a very early card change)
  • Complete system of pyrotechny on the art of making fireworks

This antique book starts off with 6 pages of vintage advertisements, a large pullout illustration, title page, 10 pages of contents. This fifth edition has its original publisher boards and also includes the all-important fold out diagram which is most often lacking from many copies of this book.

Unfortunately, the book is in poor condition, lacking its spine. The actual pages are in good order – despite its state, it is nevertheless an unusual book even more so with the pullout still attached.

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