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Though I love all sorts of rare and antique books, my personal passion is collecting books on card magic with a particular interest in gambling themed literature, crooked gambling, card cheating and gambling exposé with playing cards.

I got my start in card magic and antique book collecting in tandem during my childhood in London. Though I loved watching magicians and discovering how various tricks were performed, I found that my real obsession was in card mechanics and card cheating.

What hooked me about card mechanics (and has kept me hooked all these years later) was the fact that the so-called “magic” is completely dependent upon one’s skill, dexterity and knowledge of sleight-of-hand – an incredible artform.

Have a magic book to sell?

Do you have an unusual magic book you’d like to sell? We buy magic books from the public and always love to collect. If you’d like to sell your rare magic book, we may even make you an instant offer.