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It is very exciting that every antique book has a story. That’s its legacy. Each rare, old book or antique book has been crafted by hand hundreds of years ago and passed down through time, through libraries and families and into the hands of someone just like you!

If you are looking to sell your antique books, let us help to give that rare or antique book a continued life, sharing its legacy with a new collector who will treasure it just as it was meant to be.

Got an antique book you’d like to sell? Let us help you to sell your old books and avoid the ridiculous auction house fees and sell your old books directly without all the hassle. Sell old books and get money!

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We Specialize in Buying and Selling

Antique Books

Leatherbound or otherwise, dating from 16th Century to 19th Century


Incunabula (pre 1501) post Incunabula (printed after 1500 to 1540)

Miniature Books

Almanacs, thumb Bibles, illustrated works

Vellum Bound Books

Antique books bound in calf skin parchment

Finely Bound Books

Finely bound single volumes or sets including Cosway style and jeweled bindings


Antique or medieval handwritten documents or indentures including single leaves

Antique Bibles

Pre-1800 clasped Bibles, Geneva Bibles or early religious and theological works


Antique magazines, pamphlets, photographs, CDVs, postcards

Magic Books

Rare books on card mechanics and sleight of hand

Vintage Hollywood

Photos and classic movie ephemera from the early days of Hollywood

Entire Collections

Full sets, Antique book collections or entire libraries – please e-mail us directly!